— Community Prevention

Coordinator: Jeanne Shimatsu

2900 S. Crenshaw Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90016
Tel: 323 293 6284; Fax: 323 295 4075

Targeting the South Bay Area of Los Angeles County, Community Prevention (CP) affects substance abuse and related issues by fostering environmental change through community action: mobilization of community on policy and advocacy campaigns and issue based awareness, education, promotion through media and event campaigns.  

Policy Advocacy and Youth Leadership Programs:

Community Prevention campaigns on alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention (ATOD) policy advocacy and mobilization take place in the South Bay of Los Angeles County target key cities. Organizers work closely with adult volunteer based community coalitions who serve as a voluntary substance abuse resource and advocacy arm for their target community.

  • Carson – Richard Bis, rbis@aadap2019.demo.site
  • Gardena – Jorge Guandique, jguandique@aadap2019.demo.site
  • Inglewood – Traci Saruwatari, tsaruwatari@aadap2019.demo.site
  • Redondo Beach – Carol Almeda, calmeda@aadap2019.demo.site
  • Artesia, Lakewood, Cerritos, Hawaiian Gardens (ABC School District) – Staff Contact: Carol Almeda, calmeda@aadap2019.demo.site

Volunteer high school youth groups meet on a weekly basis for training, planning and leadership development activities. The youth advocates collaborate to host drug free events and drug prevention campaigns addressing youth issues and community policy in their respective city/region.

  • Carson Student Movement (CSM) – Carson
    Staff Contact: Richard Bis, Community Organizer
  • High School Task Force (HSTF) – Gardena
    Staff Contact: Jorge Guandique, Community Organizer
  • Youth United in Creative Action (YUCA) – Inglewood
    Staff Contact: Traci Saruwatari, Community Organizer
  • Youth Against Tobacco Use (YATU) – South Bay
    Staff Contact: Carol Almeda, Community Organizer

Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDS Prevention:

College age students receive comprehensive training as Peer Health Advocates on substance abuse and HIV/AIDS prevention services for campus and community wide outreach. Project Choice currently partners with California University, Los Angeles targeting Latino, Veterans and Persons with Disabilities young adult populations.

Project Choice: CSULA Substance Abuse and HIV Prevention – California State University, Los Angeles. Staff Contact: Fred Payo, Community Organizer. fpayo@aadap2019.demo.site

Project Choice: California State University, Long Beach. – Internships available for students from CSULB. Contact Jeanne Shimatsu, Coordinator, jshimatsu@aadap2019.demo.site

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